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  • About "KP" "ticket" "purchase"
  • About items
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  • Change of user information

    Select "User Information" from the upper left MENU, and you can change the nickname, email address and password.

    Change shipping information

    Select "User Information" from the upper left MENU, and proceed to "Delivery Information" at the bottom. If you change your phone number and email address, you need SMS authentication.

    About account handover when the use terminal has changed
    • Please make a note of "Member ID" and "Password" on the old terminal
    • Install the "JCM" application on a new device
    • To "If you already have an account" on the TOP screen after startup
    • Login by entering "Member ID" and "Password"
    • After that, it will be an automatic login at app startup

    ※A 14-day retention period for prizes applies, even during the account handover period. Please note that it will be canceled automatically after the storage deadline.

    If you do not receive an account verification email

    Please check the following contents again.

    • Is there an error in the entered email address?
    • Whether authentication mail is in spam folder
    • Is the domain of "j-claw.com" not set to receive?
    • Are not excluded by filtering etc. by the provider under contract?
    About withdrawal method

    Please select "Without" from the top left MENU.

    ※Once an account has been withdrawn, it can not be restored for any reason. Please be aware that all information will be deleted, including KPs held and prizes that have not been delivered yet.

  • Time limit

    Play right continues for 30 seconds after one game is over.

    PUSH "inquiry" = 60 seconds extended

    PUSH "point purchase" = 60 seconds extension

    Taken the play right by another user

    We are not involved in the player's turn.

    KP will not return. Prizes are not compensated.

    ※When the player's occupation is released, the right is automatically transferred to the user who is pressing the play reservation next time. For any reason, it is not possible to compensate for KP or giveaways when you lose your possession right. Occupancy will be extended when purchasing or querying KP, but please be careful about the distribution of operation time.

    Exchange of item

    Only for declaration before play.

    Please contact us from "Contact Us".

    Reposition the item

    The operation staff makes the decision.

    We consider the following: "Claw does not reach the item" or "The direction of the item is bad" etc.

    ※Please note that we may not be able to meet your request even if you make an inquiry.

    Cases that are not eligible for item acquisition

    ・Jumped out of the screen

    ・Failure of sensor(to detect the fall of the item)

    ・Do not meet the conditions

    ・Exhibits and decorations have fallen

    "Congratulation" screen is not displayed

    Please contact us with a message.

    About ping-pong games

    Take a ping pong ball with claw. It will be acquired when the ping pong ball enters the colored hit hole.

  • What is KP ?

    It is the point required to operate the claw machine at one time. Login is required to purchase "KP".

    The purchase limit of "underage" specified by the laws of each country is up to 20,000 yen per month. If you use it beyond this, your account may be suspended.

    KP purchased are not reflected

    You have to contact the payment company yourself.

    ※From the point of view of personal information protection, we do not hold any of your purchase information. So nothing goes wrong, even asking us.

    About refund of purchase KP

    We do not respond at all, even if there is any reason for refund after purchasing points.

    About FP ticket

    ・One game can be played free of charge.

    ・There is an expiration date and an expiration date.

    ・The expiration date is 24 hours after acquisition.

    ・Expired tickets are automatically destroyed.

    ・The number of possessions and the expiration date can be checked on My Page.

    ・Available only once with one smartphone.

    About login bonus

    Distribution time has been decided.

    It can not be obtained without access to that time.

    The number changes, such as "KP purchase history" and "access history".

    About the deadline and the number which the service operator decides.

  • About damage and defects

    We are strictly checking, providing status check and notation, shipping double check etc.

    So there is no response such as exchange, return or refund.

    I want to buy an item

    We do not sell anything directly.

  • Free shipping

    If you have a Shipping Ticket, you can use our free delivery service.

    Shipping Ticket

    Acquired under the following conditions.

    (1) Your first point purchase → Immediately give one

    (2) From the second time onward, purchase points of 5,000 yen or more

    (a) One week has passed since the ticket was last used → Immediately give one

    (b) Within a week after using the ticket last time → Distribute at 5:00 am, 7 days after the date of the previous free shipping ticket use.

    Shipping Ticket (Precautions)

    Acquired under the following conditions.

    (1) You cannot have more than one ticket at the same time.

    (2) 3000 yen x 2 times = 6000 yen If the cumulative total is 5000 yen or more, it will not be distributed.

    (3) All information is based on Japan time.

    Shipping flow

    Win items

    Item is put in cart

    Enter shipping address information

    ※If there is an error in the information, the request can not be made.

    Request shipping



    ◆If you do not have Shipping Ticket, it requires points payment by KP.

    Request shipping

    ※ According to the "request quantity" and "shipping area" where shipping fee is displayed.

    Pay KP



    You can request up to 50 at once. But you can not add it later to the package once the request has been completed.

    Shipping schedule

    (Japan time applies)

    We ship on weekdays excluding weekends and holidays and large vacation periods.

    ◆ Items to be shipped: Items whose delivery request has been completed at 9:00 am on each Monday to Friday day.

    ◆Shipment time: around 2-3 pm on the day

    ※ Luggage that cannot be placed on the truck of the shipping company will be shipped by the second pickup at 17-18 or the next day pickup.

    Free delivery if you have a ticket. If you do not have it, point payment (depending on region and number of requests) is required for shipping.

    Estimated time to arrival

    3 to 10 days from the shipping date

    ※ There is also a possibility that it may be delayed significantly depending on the weather and the international situation.


    As a redelivery fee, our regulation fee × 100% is required.

    ※If there is a declaration of redelivery, we will extend the storage period of the prize for 14 days.

    Change shipping destination

    We do not respond.

    ※Receive yourself and ship it elsewhere.

    Shipping company

    Japan Post (EMS or e-packet)

    When a shipping problem occurs

    (exa.) Received something different from the one we requested.

    Please contact us immediately.

    Item has not been sent

    That is probably because of the following reasons.

    ・Your account has a violation of regulation.

    ・You have multiple accounts.

    ・You are already unsubscribed, after the shipping request.

  • About business hours

    24 hours, everyday, everyweek

    Cantact us

    ◆ About playing game

    Please send from "inquiry" on the play screen.

    ※It does not respond to inquiries from users who are not playing.

    ◆ Other inquiries


    ※We will not reply to emails that are not related to service usage.

    About posting to SNS / Web

    Welcome to post it freely. In that case, please utilize the following hash tags.

    # JCM

    #claw machine

    ※ Please comply with the prohibited matters (prohibition of slander, harassment, etc.) defined in the terms of use.

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