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"JCM (Japan Claw Machine)" privacy policy

The following personal information protection policy applies to personal information registered by the user when acquiring an account.

At Shinsei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), personal information of users of online game services provided by our company (including testers in the case of β-test) is a user under the trust of our company. It is our responsibility to protect the personal information of our users, as it is our responsibility. Based on this recognition, we will establish a protection policy regarding the handling of personal information as follows, and will work on the appropriate handling of personal information entrusted from our users.

  • Basic recognition
  • We collect information of customers who use this service to the extent necessary for smooth operation of the service provided by JCM. We will handle the collected information appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

  • Compliance with laws
  • In handling personal information of our users, we will comply with the current laws, regulations, and obligations set forth in the guidelines of the competent minister, as well as this policy.

  • Restrictions on use and provision
  • We obtain the consent of the person except in special circumstances, such as when there is a request for disclosure based on the law, or when it is deemed necessary to protect the rights and interests of a person's life or property, etc. We will not provide personal information of users to third parties without incident.

    Acquisition and restriction of personal information We specify in advance necessary information such as purpose of use, scope of joint user, inquiry window etc., and strive to acquire personal information after obtaining the consent of the person.

  • Information we acquire from customers
  • In this service, we may obtain or obtain the following information from customers.

    (1)Information about you

    This includes your name (including your nickname), age, gender, phone number, address, email address, location information, etc.

    (2)Information generated by customers using this service, and information created by customers using this service

    This includes action history, access history, play record, prize acquisition information, game play video and images etc. on this service.

    (3)Information on customer's information terminal and connection environment

    It includes product model, operating system, communication carrier, information terminal setting, IP address, advertisement ID and other information terminal specific identifiers.

    (4)Information on your purchase

    Purchase information of electronic payment means (KP) used in this service or individual services purchased using it. In addition, a third-party settlement service company carries out settlement of purchases for electronic payment means. In this case, we do not directly obtain information regarding the customer's purchase, but if necessary, we will The above information may be acquired after the fact.

    (5)Inquiry information and questionnaire information

    This includes individual contact information received regarding the Service, as well as the contents of the response when conducting a survey on the Service and customer attribute information.


    We may use cookies (including similar technology) when you use this service (including the web page that transitions from this service). Cookies are small data files downloaded to your information terminal, and are used by the Company to obtain information about your desired settings in order to make the features of the Service work safely and smoothly.

    You depending on your browser settings, you may be able to disable cookies or enable alerts when cookies are sent, but if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use the entire service. Or some features may not be available.

  • Purpose of use
  • We use the information collected from our users for the following purposes for the smooth operation of this service.

    (1)In order to confirm the identity of the user

    (2)To respond to inquiries received from users

    (3)To provide new products and services from our company to users

    (4)To ask users for their opinions on this service

    (5)As statistical data in this service, to use for continuous improvement of this service

    (6)To send the obtained prize to the user

    (7)To prevent the use of services that violate the terms of service

  • Handling of personal information
  • We will do our best to prevent transfer, leakage, theft or loss of personal information to a third party. In managing personal information collected from customers, there will be no disclosure or provision to third parties without customer approval unless there are special circumstances.

    We can record and store the access log such as the IP address when the user used this service and the usage date and time. The Company can only disclose its access log if it is requested to disclose the content based on investigation, trial, or other legal procedures, or if it is introduced based on a justifiable reason from a legal institution such as a bar association.

  • Supervision of consignee
  • We may entrust the personal information collected from our users to a third party within the scope of the purpose of use. When disclosing personal information to these third parties, we will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision after confirming that the security level is sufficiently high for handling personal information, such as by entering into a confidentiality agreement in advance.

  • Internal system
  • With regard to the handling and system of personal information received, the Company formulates the placement of the person in charge of managing personal information, internal rules and necessary rules for each work, and implements appropriate internal audits, etc., to protect personal information. We will establish a system to comply with them.

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