Terms of service
JCM (Japan Claw Machine)-Terms of Use

Article 1 Purpose

This service terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "the terms") is the crane game service "crane game" provided by SHINSEI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we") using the Internet. The purpose is to define the basic matters regarding the services provided through JCM (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). In addition, customers (hereinafter referred to as "user") agree to the Terms, and by using this service provided by our company, we consent to various conditions such as the operation policy of this service and privacy policy, etc. which are separately established by our company. It shall be done.

Article 2 Definition of terms

In this Agreement, the following terms will be dealt with in the following sections as having their defined meanings.

"Our company" defines the thing of SHINSEI Co., Ltd. that provides this service.

“Service” defines the “JCM” provided by the Company and the various services that accompany it.

"User" means the customer who agrees to these terms and uses the service provided by our company.

The "Terms of Use" is the rule that the user should comply with and the Company shall be able to change the Terms without prior notice.

"Account" refers to the total of various information (password, game data, etc.) that can identify the user.

“Password” refers to a password selected by the user, using a combination of character strings and numbers specified by the Company to authenticate the user's own account and protect the user information.

"Nickname" refers to a unique name specified by the user for each of his / her own accounts, which the user uses this service to identify with each other or declare at the time of inquiry.

"Paid service" refers to games and items provided to users for a fee in this service.

"KP" is a game virtual currency that can be used in paid services.

"Tickets and Coupons" means electronic information and electronic media where users can obtain usage rights through electronic data such as free or discount in this service.

"Premium" refers to the items that can be earned in the game within the paid service.

Article 3 Application and Modification of the Terms

  • These terms and conditions are displayed on the website, and all the terms and conditions are accepted as the user completes the acquisition of the account for the service.
  • The Company may change the Terms and Conditions at any time, and shall be effective from the point when the contents of changes to the Terms and the like are displayed on the website or application. If you use this service even once after revising these terms, you are deemed to have accepted the change.
  • The user visits the website regularly to check the changes in the Terms, and we take no responsibility for any damage caused by the user not checking the changes. In addition, use of this service of the user after change of this agreement is considered as the user's consent to change of this agreement.
  • If you do not accept the changes in the Terms and Conditions, the user may discontinue or cancel the participation of the Service by giving notice to that effect by the Company's prescribed method.
  • The Company shall provide the Terms, the Service, and information related to these (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms etc.") in Japanese, and even if there are other multilingual translations of the Terms etc. The corresponding translation is a reference translation, and it is assumed that the one provided in Japanese is genuine and valid. However, this is not the case if it is clearly stated that this provision is different from this provision.
  • If the user accesses this service from outside Japan, it is necessary to check if it complies with the laws and regulations of the country or region where this service is used, and then agree to the terms of this agreement and use it. In addition, the user assumes all responsibility arising from the applicable laws and ordinances for the use of this service, and assumes that we agree not to take any responsibility for it.

Article 4 Rules other than terms of service

  • Matters not explicitly stated in the Terms of Service and the Individual Service Terms of Service may also apply to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, as applicable.
  • The rules for operation of individual services, privacy policies, etc. separately defined by the Company shall be part of the Terms. In addition, in the event of conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and the provision of the operation policy, the provision of the corresponding operation policy shall take precedence.

Article 5 User Registration and Acquisition Information

  • In order to use this service, it is necessary to apply according to the method specified by our company and to register with us as a user after agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • The user shall apply for use of the service with accurate and up-to-date information. In addition, if there is a change in the account information registered at the time of application for use, the user shall be notified promptly by the Company's prescribed method. Even if a user suffers a disadvantage due to the registered contents being false or not up-to-date, we assume no responsibility.
  • In this service, we will use the user's information for the following purposes in accordance with the "'JCM' privacy policy" separately defined by our company. If you can not provide information, you may not be able to use all or part of this service.
  • (1)In order to confirm the identity of the user

    (2)To respond to inquiries received from users

    (3)To provide new products and services from our company to users

    (4)To ask users for their opinions on this service

    (5)As statistical data in this service, to use for continuous improvement of this service

    (6)To send the obtained item to the user

    (7)To prevent the use of services that violate the terms of service

  • If the user is a limited person such as a minor, it is necessary to obtain the consent of a legal representative such as a guardian or parental authority before accepting this agreement. In addition, when registration is carried out, we assume that the consent of the aforementioned legal representative has been obtained in advance.
  • The rights and qualifications of the user are exclusive to the registered user only. In any case, such rights shall be shared with a third party, or acted as transfer, sale, change of name, setting of a pledge, or any other collateral to a third party regardless of payment or gratis Can not do. If the Company determines that the operation of the Service is difficult due to the occurrence of an actual device or a communication failure, or other factors, the Company may restrict the user from using the Service until the cause is resolved. It shall be possible.
  • If you wish to change your account ID or password, you will be required to follow the procedures prescribed by our company.
  • We may suspend the account or delete the account if any of the following matters apply. In that case, all held KP and items won will be forfeited.
  • (1)When the contents of registration are not accurate and not the latest information, or the Company judges that there is a omission (including the case where it is not possible to contact the registered e-mail address by e-mail)

    (2)In the past, if the use of the Service has been prohibited, or if it violates the Terms.

    (3)When the minor specified in the preceding paragraph registers without the consent of the legal representative.

    (4)When the nickname contains an expression contrary to public order and morals.

    (5)In the event of conflict with the prohibited matters stipulated in Article 6 of the Terms.

Article 6 Prohibited matters

In addition to the prohibitions specified separately in these Terms, in order to use this service comfortably, it is prohibited for the user to perform the following actions related to this service.

  • Prohibited acts in or during this service
  • (1)Possession of multiple accounts

    One shipping address for user account information acquired by the Company by user registration is permitted to have one person per account. Regardless of relatives, possession of an account at the same shipping address by access from multiple digital devices or terminals owned by each other also corresponds to possession of multiple accounts. In addition, even if it is discovered that the same user is found from the user terminal information etc. acquired by our company based on these terms, it corresponds to possession of multiple accounts. (If there is a report from the applicable user, we may allow possession of multiple accounts at our discretion, for example, by the submission of documents proving the relationship of living together.)

    (2)False declaration

    To report or register account usage information (such as registered information or KP purchases or the number of times of game play) excessively or falsely when registering account information or inquiring from users regarding service usage.

    (3)Abuse slander, harassment, harassment

    In the event of defamation, bribery or harassment of our staff and third parties using any means such as the inquiry form in this service. (Includes a letter that compels our staff to respond or reminds them of, or a form of disclosing information that is disadvantageous to us on a network, etc., or a word that is reminiscent of it, swearing, command tone, etc.)

  • Prohibited acts related to this service
  • (1)Any act that violates the intellectual property right of the Company and the third party or the legally recognized right or the privacy of the third party, or may damage the honor or credit of the Company and the third party

    (2)Except as permitted by these Terms, regardless of whether the data or information obtained through the use of the Service (including its duplicates) is paid or not. The act of transferring, lending or taking over to a third party.

    (3)Acts that interfere with the operation or network system of this service, as well as the access or operation of other users. (Includes the use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or any act that may be harmful)

    (4)Information, contents and works published in the Service, regardless of the method, in any place, including our website or application, or your own homepage or social media network account. The act of announcing the contents and methods of modification, falsification or editing without obtaining prior consent from the right holder of the Or act of redistributing in any way.

    (5)Discrimination against the Company or a third party, defamation, defamation or any other acts that damage the honor or credibility, and violate the communication secret of the third party.

    (6)The act of posting, disclosing, providing or transmitting false or fraudulent information that violates the rights or interests of the Company or a third party. Or act of discrimination, defamation, etc., act of damaging the honor or credibility, or act of violating the communication secret of the third party.

    (7)The act of posting, disclosing, providing, sending, or transmitting content that may be abusive, slander, harassment, obscene, etc. that a third party, including the Company or other users, feels averse.

    (8)The act of spoofing this service and using it illegally.

    (9)Within this service, the formation and activities of groups with religious, ethnic, sexual, ethnic, human rights and all other prejudiced beliefs or with the intention of commercial activities.

    (10)The act of disclosing the account ID and password or hearing from others, regardless of whether the user or the other user. Or the act of reselling the account itself.

    (11)Involvement with an unfair purpose in a bug of a program or software (including client software and server software) of the Service, or an act of notifying, posting or disclosing the bug to others.

    (12)Acts related to the server emulator related to this service. In addition, acts that involve, through development, creation, distribution, or other methods, the Program, the pirated version of the software, or the utility related to the Service.

    (13)The act of modifying, modifying or adapting the program or software of this service. An act of creating a secondary work by another method, an act of analysis such as decompilation or disassembly, or an act of analyzing communication information related to this service.

    (14)In addition to the preceding items, the rights of the Company or a third party, acts that infringe, damage the interests, or acts that are likely to do so. Acts that violate the law, rules, orders, etc. or actions that are likely to occur, or acts similar to the matters specified in the preceding items.

Article 7 Self-responsibility of the user

  • The User shall use the Service at his / her own responsibility, and any acts done using the Service (including, but not limited to, violations of the Terms) and the results. , And agree to bear all responsibility for damages, and shall bear any compensation for damages caused by the action (including any costs such as legal proceedings). We shall be exempt from any liability for these acts.
  • If the user loses the honor of others through the use of this service, infringes on the right to privacy, if you disclose the personal information of a third party without permission, or otherwise, the right of others (copyright, trademark right, If the user infringes the right of portrait, etc., he / she must solve it at his own responsibility and expense, and bother other persons other than the user himself including us. And shall not cause any damage.
  • The user shall prepare and carry out the communication equipment, software, the conclusion of the telephone line use contract and the subscription to the Internet service provider etc. in order to use this service at his own expense and responsibility.
  • User shall manage his password at his own risk. In no event will we be liable if the user is harmed by unauthorized use of the password by a third party. In addition, in the event of any damage to our company or a third party due to their unauthorized use, the registered user assumes all responsibility.
  • Users shall promptly report to us if they find other users who have violated the Terms.
  • If the user needs to correct the information registered at the start of the service, he / she will promptly correct the registered information after following the procedures prescribed by our company.
  • When playing a JCM using a wireless operation terminal such as a smartphone or a tablet, the user recognizes in advance the instability of the communication state, and when a play problem occurs due to it, the user chooses at their own risk It shall be deemed to be a thing and those compensations shall not be secured in accordance with the above 1).

Article 8 Pay service

  • Users can obtain the following rights in this service by purchasing KP. The purchase of KP, and the exercise of the following rights, shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
  • (1)Right to participate in paid services using KP

    (2)The right to receive the delivery of the item obtained by the paid service

  • “Purchase” in the preceding paragraph means obtaining the right to use the KP obtained for a fee by the user in the paid service freely, under the conditions set forth in the Terms.
  • The user does not own the permanent or physical ownership of the purchased KP, and regardless of the description on the “JCM” site on this site, even if the paid service is terminated due to other reasons, no matter what. We can not request the redemption and refund of the
  • About KP
  • (1)Expiration date of KP

    The KP owned by the user is valid from 24:00 on the 180th day after the user purchases the KP. In addition, KP will be valid only while the user is eligible to use the Service, and if the user is disqualified from the membership or is otherwise disqualified from using the Service, the owned KP will expire. I shall In addition, the user shall not be able to file any complaints against such revocation measures.

    (2)Use of KP

    When using a paid service, the user consents to consume the necessary KP set by the Company for the paid service from the KP owned by the user, and as a result, consumption is performed using the paid service. The KP will be lower than the KP balance held by the user.

    (3)Redemption and refund of KP

    At the time of termination of registration (including the termination of user qualification from our company), we will not make any repayment or refund for the KP balance owned by our company.

    The amount of fee for using paid services, the method of payment of the fee, the standard of occurrence, the method of calculation, etc. shall be based on the rate table etc. separately prescribed by the Company.

  • The Company may change the fee for use of the paid service and the billing method at any time, and the change notification shall become effective two days after it is published on the Company's official site or this site. will do. All changes in usage fees and billing methods shall be made public on our official site or this site, and in order to ensure that the user has notice of such changes, and the contents, without delay, our official website Or agree to confirm the payment method on the site.
  • We may limit the amount of use separately for our use of paid services, at our discretion.
  • The fee for using the paid services paid by the user shall be the purchase of KP paid by all prepayment, and the paid fee for the paid services once paid shall not be refunded at all. Users shall pay to us all charges incurred for the use of paid services (including those not determined due to disputes etc.).

Article 9 Shipping guidelines and ownership of Deliverables

  • The user can receive the items acquired using the service at the shipping address registered in the account information by paying the shipping fee prescribed by our company. In addition, we shall not be able to ship a item from our company to a third party.
  • If the user wishes to ship a item, the application for delivery to the Company will be made by the method prescribed by the Company by 24:00 on the 14th day, counting the day on which the item related to the delivery concerned has been acquired as the first day. And if the application is not made during that period, the user will lose all rights to the item.
  • The risk burden on items won by the user shall be transferred from the Company to the user upon receipt of the delivery application prescribed in the preceding paragraph, and ownership of the item shall be given from the Company upon receipt of the item by the user. It shall be transferred to the user.
  • Shipping charges and payment methods for receiving the delivery of items won by the user shall be based on the charge and rate schedule separately defined by the Company.
  • Delivery of items shall be in accordance with the method established by the Company, and users shall not be able to specify delivery methods, such as delivery companies, and designation of delivery date.
  • If the Company is unable to deliver the item obtained by the user to the user who requested the delivery due to the Company's responsibility (including the damage or loss of the user acquired item) Not limited to these.), Damages are awarded by giving points equivalent to the points used by the user (limited to paid points) free of charge to the user. I shall be exempt from responsibility.
  • If the User has performed chargebacks or any other suspension of payment for any payment for the Services (including, but not limited to, payment for the grant of paid points), the Company Shall be able to stop the delivery of items obtained by the user. In this case, the preceding paragraph shall apply except when the user unsubscribe the payment suspension act within the deliverable period and requests delivery again.
  • After the Company has delivered the user-obtained item to the user, the item will not be delivered to the user due to an unknown address, absence of the user, refusal of receipt, or other reasons that should be attributed to the user. If the item is returned to us, the user loses all rights to the item, and the ownership of the item obtained by the user belongs to the company, and we store and deliver it to the user. And shall not be liable under any circumstances. Even in this case, we do not respond to refunds of points used by the user for item acquisition or shipping of items, or any other repayments of money or points.
  • The User is not liable to the Company for paid points or any other charges incurred for the use of the Service (for which the user has paid for the Service through the Service and the amount of the charge is not complete due to disputes etc. ), Including fixed debts, shall be paid in accordance with the payment method and conditions separately defined by the Company. We will not refund any of the fees once paid.
  • In the event that delivery of the gift is disabled due to a failure, defect or other defect, or the reason that the delivery to the user is attributable to the Company (including damage or loss of the gift, etc. The limitation is not limited.) The user shall notify the contact specified by this service to that effect within three days, with the day of delivery as the first day. If we receive the notice, we will exchange the item with a free gift. In addition, if the user does not notify within the previous period, it will be considered that the premium delivered has not failed. In addition, if there is not the same item as the applicable item at the time of exchange, damages will be provided by giving points (limited to paid points) which the corresponding user has continuously used in obtaining the relevant item free of charge. The Company shall not be liable for any defect or loss of the item other than that set forth in this section.
  • The package of the handed over gift is defined as a cushioning material for protecting the body of the free gift, the position of the packing material, and the manufacturer of each free gift. Due to the nature of the crane game, the package of the item may be damaged by the arm operation of the crane game machine, or the box may be crushed or broken when it is dropped when the item is obtained, or the package may be damaged by transportation or the item management In some cases, a sticker such as a bar code may be attached. Even if there are scratches, crushing, damage, or stickers attached to the package of the gift that has been handed over, we will not refund the price for the replacement of the gift or the addition of points, or the applicable fee once received.

Article 10 Payment

Users shall pay paid service charges (including any debt incurred to users through paid services) in accordance with the payment method and conditions separately defined by the Company.

If there is a dispute between the user and their settlement company and settlement agency company regarding charges and other financial obligations, the settlement shall be settled between the user and the relevant parties for each charge settlement method when the user uses the paid service. , We will not be involved in them at all, we shall not assume any responsibility.

Article 11 Interruption of paid services

We may, at our discretion, interrupt the provision of all or part of our paid services at any time without prior notice to our users.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties as a result of interruption of paid services.

In the case of suspension of paid services, users shall not be able to request any redemption / refund for the KP balance owned by the user.

Article 12 Cancellation of paid services

We may, at our discretion, post notices to users on the "JCM" website http://j-claw.com at least 30 days before the date of termination of paid services, at any time, in whole or in part, for paid services.

May discontinue the provision of The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties as a result of the termination of paid services.

The User shall not be able to ask for any redemption / refund regarding the KP balance owned by the User when the paid service is discontinued.

Article 13 About the use restriction of this service

The Company shall be able to restrict the use of the Service by the relevant user without giving prior notice if any of the following situations occur. The method and content of the restriction can be determined at our discretion.

  • If there is a possibility that the user's act conflicts with or violates the Terms. Or in the case of a violation.
  • If the password of the user is leaked, or a third party abuses the Service, or if the third party fraudulently uses another service of the Company, or there is a fear of these.
  • When it is judged that the business of our company is disturbed by the act of the user. (Includes this service.)
  • In the case where usage restrictions on this service have been made in any of the acquired accounts of users who have acquired multiple accounts, we may impose similar usage restrictions on all accounts owned by the user. will do.

Article 14 Unsubscribe, suspension of use, cancellation of this agreement

If the user wants to unsubscribe from this service, you can unsubscribe from My Page "Unsubscribe". There is no charge for unsubscribe.

After accepting the unsubscribe request in the previous paragraph, we will unsubscribe from the service upon termination of mail delivery from this service. In addition, please note in advance that there will be no refund of possession points or shipping of earned items upon unsubscribe.

If the user who has been restricted to use the service does not correct or eliminate the factor whose use is restricted despite the notice on the prescribed time limit, he / she is notified to the user by the method determined by our company, It shall be possible to cancel the registration of the user concerned and the use of this service.

If it is judged that the cause of the usage restriction of this service is the serious damage to our company or the extremely malicious content, we will cancel the registration and this service without prior notice to the relevant user regardless of the preceding paragraph.

It is possible to stop the use of The Company shall not be liable for damages or any other liability for the consequences or damages to users or third parties resulting from the implementation of the measures described in the preceding paragraph.

Article 15 User upload information

When using this service, if the user discloses some text, information or design on the Web in various ways, the user may infringe the rights of all others (including ours) except the user. It shall be done after fully confirming the things that you do not do.

In order to manage this service, we shall be able to view the information uploaded by the user at any time.

In any of the following cases, upload information can be corrected or deleted promptly without prior notification to the relevant user. However, we have no responsibility for managing uploaded information, and if the user or any other person (including our company) suffers any expense or damage as a result of not modifying or deleting it, the user bears all responsibility. We shall not be liable for any kind.

When the upload information exceeds the limits (period, amount, etc.) set by our company.

If the upload information is an act that infringes on the rights of the Company or a third party, or an act that has the risk of that.

When the upload information is an act against the law and public order and morals, or an act with the fear of it.

When the Company determines that it is necessary for maintenance inspection and management of this service.

If the user's upload information causes any cost or damage to us, the user will bear the cost incurred for us and compensate for the damage based on our request.

Article 16 Handling of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

For handling personal information and other customer information acquired from customers regarding this service, the provisions of the "JCM privacy policy" , which is separately defined by our company, apply.

Article 17 Out of warranty

The Company shall not be liable or liable for any of the following matters, either under the Terms and Conditions or under the law. In addition, even if there is any problem in the following matters, the Company shall not be obligated to correct its obligation and to compensate for the special damage, indirect damage, incidental damage and consequent damage.

  • The operation of this service is always normal.
  • The Service, and any problems or defects on the Service.
  • There are no bugs, defects or other defects in the Service, and the software provided on the Service and all other data and information.
  • This service is provided timely, without interruption, and always using server access when using this service.
  • This service has contents and methods that meet the user's wishes and specific goals.
  • Information provided by this service is accurate and reliable.
  • Information sent and received by users through this service should be displayed correctly on the screen and be stored on a designated server. And reach third parties, including ours or other users.
  • The loss of uploaded information in this service.
  • Guarantee the security of this service (For users' PC and Internet environment by using this service, Including that there is no trouble).

Article 18 Suspension and discontinuation of this service

If it becomes difficult to provide the Service for any of the following reasons, the Company may, at its discretion, suspend any or all of the Service without giving prior notice to users.

  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, eruptions, etc.) Force majeure (wars, disturbances, riots, etc.) infrastructure accidents (fires, blackouts, etc.)
  • Regular or urgent maintenance / maintenance related to the system etc. of this service
  • In the case of based on instructions or orders by laws and regulations or administrative organizations
  • Other operational or technical reasons

We may discontinue part or all of this service at any time for any reason at our discretion. The cancellation will be announced on our website at least 30 days before the scheduled date.

The Company shall be liable for any and all expenses and damages incurred by the user or third party upon interruption or discontinuation of part or all of the services for the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph or this paragraph. Shall not.

With respect to data including points, personal information, etc. that existed in the service in relation to the user who is using the service when part or all of the service is suspended during operation of the service, the user It is not possible to make a request for

Article 19 Attribution of Rights

The following elements (information, programs and software, trademarks, trade names, know-how, trade secrets) included in this service and the rights pertaining to overall technology associated with them (including patent right, utility model right, design right, copyright, etc.) Other rights, including the right to use, management rights, etc. pertaining to them, belong to the Company or a third party having such rights.

Users may modify or adapt the following elements (information, programs and software, trademarks, trade names) included in this service without obtaining prior written consent of the Company or third party who is the right holder of them. It shall not be possible to copy, edit, reproduce, distribute, transmit or publish, and in addition to these, it shall not be possible to use for commercial purposes beyond the scope of private use specified in the law.

At the time of uploading by the user, the user shall at any time, at our discretion, copy, upload and distribute the upload information to the Company without charge. When we transmit or distribute the uploaded information from our company to a third party, we will keep it confidential from which user the information was specifically uploaded.

The user can use the proposal for the various proposals, etc. related to the service submitted in connection with the use of the service without obtaining the permission of the user who has been proposed, published or presented. will do.

Article 20 Recovery measures, liability for damages

If the user has made the prohibitions described in the preceding article, we can recover them and take all necessary and appropriate actions to properly and smoothly use, provide and operate the Service.

In the event that the Company or a third party suffers damage as a result of the user violating the provisions of the Terms, the user shall be liable for the damage based on the request of the Company or the third party. will do.

Article 21 Disclaimer

The Company does not take any responsibility for the development, operation, or provision of the Service, including paid services, to the User, and in the case where any problem, dispute, trouble, etc. occurs among the users through the Service. However, we assume no responsibility for these.

User information and other data related to users may be lost or lost due to force majeure beyond our expectations such as malfunction of equipment providing this service, trouble, power failure etc. and abnormality of communication line. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from loss, loss or delay of membership information or other data related to membership due to the occurrence of such a situation except in cases of intentional or gross negligence.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article, if the Company's indemnity stipulated in the Terms and Conditions is not granted due to compulsory laws or court decisions, etc., the Company shall bear the responsibility of reparing only the direct damages suffered by the user. (Ie lost profits, resulting damages and other indirect damages are not covered by any compensation) and the paid service fee for the user is the upper limit of damages.

Users will, at their discretion, try to avoid using the Service excessively to disturb a healthy living environment. The Company shall not be liable for any social, mental or physical damage caused by the user deviating from the above-mentioned appropriate use.

After the user's retention period has passed, the user loses all rights to the gift acquired by the user, and the Company assumes no obligation to the user, including possession and delivery. The Company shall not be liable to the user, including the quality of the item, for the item delivered to the user prior to the holding period.

Article 22 Governing law and dispute resolution

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. If any problems, disputes, problems, etc. occur in relation to the Service between the user and the Company, the parties shall settle the problem by consultation based on the principle of good faith. If the problem can not be resolved by consultation between the parties, the Tokyo District Court shall act as the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial between the parties concerned. However, any lawsuit must be started within one year after the cause of the lawsuit, and after one year, the lawsuit based on the cause can not be made permanently.

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